The Reds Virtual was founded on 10 July 2021 with the mission to simulate the operation of the "World's Best Low-Cost Airlines" based on several platform such as FS9, FSX, Prepare3D, X-Plane and the latest MS Flight Simulator. We simulate the uniqueness of the actual airline, one of which is what we call the "Green Policy". This policy aims to carry out flight operations as efficiently as possible without compromising safety aspects. Therefore, we hope that pilots who join can follow this policy wherever practicable. We also provide events and tours that are not common and of course out of the box. Bored with flying? You can try to take some exams that we have prepared to increase your knowledge about your aircraft or about aviation in general and collect all of the cool awards and badges. At The Reds Virtual, we apply a casual environment and we strongly against any form of bullying. So if you have something that bothers you, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff. We hope that after you join, you will not only get a great flying experience but also gain more knowledge about aviation. So what are you waiting for, fly those birds and lets paint the virtual skies red!

Warmest Regards,

     M. Raihan Azhar

CEO of The Reds Virtual